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In the light of combating the corona virus, our office must, and will, assume its responsibility and do everything in its power to prevent any further spreading of the virus.

 This is why we too have taken some special precautionary measures with regard to our office operations during the coming weeks.

In accordance with the rules of "social distancing" such as advised by the federal government and its experts, we must prevent too many people from being present in our offices at the same time, in order to avoid  contamination of our clients and our employees.

Therefore, it is our intent to execute as many deeds as possible via the Secured Notarial Network.
This entails that for the signature of a deed involving several parties, each party shall go to the office of his own notary to attend the reading of the deed via video-conference, upon which the deed will be signed by proxy on behalf of the party not being present at the office of the acting notary, by one of the employees of the latter. The aforementioned proxy will be signed – on paper – by the party concerned, at the office of his own notary.

It is also possible to work with digital proxies, to be provided by the clients during a video-conference with the notary (and to be signed digitally by means of the ID-card ; the clients need an emailadress and a cardreader for this).

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