Real estate law

You can call on our real estate departement for:

Real estate transactions: purchase or sale of a property as a private individual or as a professional (intermediary).

Related deeds such as mortgage credits, establishment of rights in rem such as building rights and long term land lease contracts, leasing, rental agreements, etc.

Company law

You can call on our company law department for:

Corporate deeds: from incorporation, through amendments to the articles of association and capital increases, to restructuring (mergers, demergers, activity transfers from one company to another, etc.).

Deeds of incorporation and deeds concerning amendments to the articles of association relating to (international) non-profit associations, private foundations and foundations of public interest.

Family law

Our notaries and notarial lawyers provide advice on marriage contracts, cohabitation contracts, inheritances, wills, succession planning, etc.

Legalization and apostille

You can also contact Berquin Notaries for the legalization of signatures on private documents and any requests to obtain an ‘apostille’ from the FPS Foreign Affairs. The legalization means that a notary declares that you are in fact the one who placed the signature.

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